Sunday, September 14, 2008

Laurence Hutchman

Laurence Hutchman has taught at Concordia University, the University of Alberta and the University of Western Ontario. At present he is a professor at the Université de Moncton in Edmundston, New Brunswick. He has published eight books of poetry: The Twilight Kingdom (Killaly Press, 1973), Explorations (D.C. Books, 1975), Blue Riders (Maker Press, 1985), Foreign National (Agawa Books, 1993), Emery (Black Moss Press, 1998), and Beyond Borders (Broken Jaw Press, 2000), Selected Poems, Guernica Press, 2006, Reading the Water, (Black Moss Press, 2008). In 2002, he co-edited the anthology, Coastlines: the Poetry of Atlantic Canada. His poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. He received an honourable mention in the Alfred G. Bailey Poetry competition in 1995 for Emery and The Alden Nowlan Award for Excellence in English-language Literary Arts in 2007. He has given poetry workshops in Canada, the United States, and China and has served as Quebec (1986-89) and New Brunswick / Prince Edward Island (1996-98) representative for the League of Canadian Poets and President of the Writers' Federation of New Brunswick (2000-02).

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