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Nancy Holmes

Nancy Holmes
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Nancy Holmes has published four collections of poetry, Valancy and the New World (Kalamalka Press), Down to the Golden Chersonese: Victorian Lady Travellers (Sono Nis) and The Adultery Poems (Ronsdale) and most recently, Mandorla from Ronsdale Press (2005). She is an Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia Okanagan in Kelowna BC.

Danielle Shelton

Danielle Shelton est pdg des Éditions Adage, une maison de littérature orientée vers l'écriture migrante. Elle distribue au Canada certains titres des éditions Maelström (Belgique) et de la Maison de la poésie Rhône-Alpes (France), dont ceux en coédition avec Adage. Elle fait également de la coédition avec trois autres maisons d'édition françaises: Le Temps des Cerises (Pantin), Blanche (Paris) et Association français du haiku (Lyon) et une maison d'édition catalane : Pagès (Lleida)

Elle est aussi présidente de Diffusion Adage, un organisme sans but lucratif qui produit des événements culturels.

Parmi ceux-ci :

La poésie prend le métro et le bus, un projet de diffusion de poésie dans les transports en commun, qu'elle a créé à Montréal; et le concours de poésie de la STM, pour les 40 ans du métro de Montréal (2007); aussi, le jumelage poétique avec les métros de Paris (été 2006) et Bruxelles (automne 2007), ainsi que La poésie prend le bus à Laval (2008).

le volet montréalais du Festival international du livre mangeable en partenariat avec l'Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec - et le site Web international de cet événement (Books2eat) dont elle gestionnaire les Noches de poesia créées par Élizabeth Robert et dont elle est productrice. Depuis 2007, elle est également d.g. de la Société littéraire de Laval et éditrice de la revue littéraire de l'Association, Brèves. Danielle Shelton est en nomination pour un des prix de la culture 2008, décerné par Ville de Laval.

Elle a une formation en arts plastiques, en graphisme et en éducation (doctorat). Elle a été chroniqueuse littéraire au magazine Recto-Verso. Elle a réalisé un quiz littéraire dans le cadre de Montréal capitale mondiale du livre: Un roman, c'est comme du cinéma.

Marian Frances White

Marian Frances White is a writer who has published in many different genres. Her published works include ten editions of A Woman's Almanac, Voices of Newfoundland and Labrador Women (1987-1992), and A Woman's Almanac, Voices of Atlantic Canadian women (1993-1996). In 1997 a collection of Almanac interviews was published in The Finest Kind, a compendium of Newfoundland and Labrador Stories. In 1994 White published the biographical book Not A Still Life, the art and writings of artist Rae Perlin. In 1995 she published a History of Newfoundland and Labrador with Grolier Ltd., as part of their Canadian series on the provinces. In 1996 it was translated into French. Prior to this, White started a women's newspaper called Waterlily.

In 1997 White published her first book of poetry, Skinny Dipping. George Elliott Clarke wrote in the Halifax Chronicle Herald: Forget Toronto, St. John's rules English Canadian poetry. Her film work has won awards in both Canada and the United States. In 2000, she was named Artist of the Year by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council. White's second book of poetry, Mind Your Eyes, was released by Killick Press in 2003. Since then, through the League of Canadian Poets, she has given poetry readings in St. John's, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Durham Ontario, and Victoria, B.C, as well as Victoria, C.B. In these readings her celebration of life in Newfoundland comes to life.

In 2005, White released her first children's book, Sights Before Christmas, co-authored with her partner, Beni Malone. In 2006 Sights was named one of the best­selling children's books in Canada. In 2005 she co-produced a dramatic CSI-style documentary, Stealing Mary: Last of the Red Indians ­ a film that explores the demise of the Beothuk people of Newfoundland. In 2007 she released Tricksters, a documentary that takes viewers for a unique adventure to the northern Innu communities in Labrador.

White is currently working a poetic chapbook called Good Grief, to be released in May 2009.

Douglas Roy

Douglas Roy
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R.D. Roy is originaly from Montreal. His Anglo/Francophone heritage and working class background are often reflected in his writing.

He's published two collections of short stories, The Colours Found in Bruises, (Panegyric Press) and a short novel, A Pre-emptive Kindness, (Hidden Brook Press). His work has appeared in several anthologies and Montreal's Matrix magazine. Roy's first book of poetry, Three Cities, was released by Hidden Brook Press in 2008.

Roy was a feature reader at the International Book Fair in Havana (2007, 2008), the Al Purdy People's Poetry festival, 2007, Hot Sauced Words, Toronto (2008), and with Toronto's DUB poetry collective (2006, 2007). He is the "Official House Poet" to the Organic Undergound Reasaurant in Belleville, and a member of The League of Canadian Poets, PEN Canada, and the Canada-Cuba Literary Alliance. Roy is a contributing editor to the CCLA's quarterly, The Ambassador.

He is currently working on the Street Health Centre's Writers' Anthology. Also, a collaborative collection of poems that examine Life & Death in Cheap Motels will be released some time in the future by Roy and Kingston writer/poet Jen Londry.

Audrey Jean McLaren

Audrey often says that she was writing poetry long before she knew how dynamic and therapeutic poetry is. She reminisces about the times when a favourite playmate moved away, and from her heartbreak, she moulded a poem; or when she was punished and from her anger emerged poems that calmed her soul. Some of her best poems were written after a dear friend died and her only consolation came from the jubilation of the poems as they came to light.

It was while coping with the loss of this friend that Audrey decided to complete her M.A. degree and publish her first anthology of poems. She named the book, Bareface Pickney. The book, however, is not about death. Quite the opposite! It takes you through all the corridors of life and intoxicates you with giggles as you immerse yourself in the antics of the barefaced child.

Audrey was born in St. Thomas, Jamaica. She grew up in Duhaney Park, and lived most of her adult life in St. Catherine. She has been a high school teacher since 1986, and while living in Jamaica she taught History at Norman Manley High School and Immaculate Conception High School. She immigrated to Pickering, Ontario in 2000. By 2001 Audrey was back to the job of teaching. After working as a supply teacher for both the Durham District School Board and the Toronto District School Board, she accepted a permanent job with the latter.

In 2007 she published her second book, I am the Djembe. A book that celebrates desires, wants, love, family, life. I am the Djembe reveals the new Audrey. It reveals a poet who believes that the whole expanse of the world is there for her pen to seduce. It hails a poet who writes about two cultures in two languages and loves every verse of it; a poet who plays with adult material and advocates for children.

Audrey has done most of her poetry readings in schools, at Jamaican cultural events, and on Jamaican radio and television. She is excited about Random Acts of Poetry and hopes to put a smile on the lips and a poem in the hearts of the residents of Pickering and Toronto.

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Mary Ann Mulhern

Mary Ann Mulhern is a Canadian poet who lives in Windsor, Ontario. The Red Dress , published by Black Moss Press is in third printing. Touch the Dead, also published by Black Moss Press in 2006, is in second printing. Mary Ann Mulhern has read at Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France. Her third book of narrative verse is, The Chosen Ones.

Her third book of narrative verse, When Angels Weep, gives voice to forty-seven women who were sexually abused as children by Father Charles Sylvestre of the diocese of London , Ontario. The April 10 , 2008 launch was surrounded with intense media coverage.

Laurence Hutchman

Laurence Hutchman has taught at Concordia University, the University of Alberta and the University of Western Ontario. At present he is a professor at the Université de Moncton in Edmundston, New Brunswick. He has published eight books of poetry: The Twilight Kingdom (Killaly Press, 1973), Explorations (D.C. Books, 1975), Blue Riders (Maker Press, 1985), Foreign National (Agawa Books, 1993), Emery (Black Moss Press, 1998), and Beyond Borders (Broken Jaw Press, 2000), Selected Poems, Guernica Press, 2006, Reading the Water, (Black Moss Press, 2008). In 2002, he co-edited the anthology, Coastlines: the Poetry of Atlantic Canada. His poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. He received an honourable mention in the Alfred G. Bailey Poetry competition in 1995 for Emery and The Alden Nowlan Award for Excellence in English-language Literary Arts in 2007. He has given poetry workshops in Canada, the United States, and China and has served as Quebec (1986-89) and New Brunswick / Prince Edward Island (1996-98) representative for the League of Canadian Poets and President of the Writers' Federation of New Brunswick (2000-02).

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Patrick Coppens

Patrick Coppens, né à Orléans en France, poète, écrivain, critique et illustrateur, cofondateur et président de la société littéraire de Laval de 1985 à 1989. Depuis 1969, il est bibliographe responsable du module littérature et linguistique des services documentaires multimédia (SDM). Fondateur, en septembre 1997, et animateur des Mardis de Port-Royal, libre regroupement d'une trentaine d'artistes, en poésie, arts visuels et théâtre. En 2005 et 2008, expérience exaltante, il a lu pendant 4 heures sur les quais du métro montréalais des poèmes d'auteurs québécois vivants.

Il a publié à ce jour plus de 20 livres : poésies, anthologies, critiques, récits et humour. Dernier livre paru, Ciel convertible (42e Parallèle, 2004), à paraître, Joujou dans quatre têtes (Éditions d'Art Le Sabord, 2007) avec une préface de Jacques Brault, et Carnets secrets d'Agathe Brisebois (Adage, 2006).

Découvrez les photos les plus intéressantes du jour!

Domenico Capilongo

Domenico Capilongo was born in Toronto in 1972 and grew up in Vancouver and Swift Current, Saskatchewan before returning to Toronto where he completed his education. He is a karate instructor as well as a former Ontario Karate Champion and National Black Belt Medalist. He has lived in Japan and traveled throughout Asia. He teaches high school creative writing and alternative education. His work has appeared in several journals and anthologies in Canada and abroad. In 2004, he won an honourable mention in The Toronto Star Poetry Contest. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons. I thought elvis was italian is his first collection of poetry.


Lesley Choyce

Lesley Choyce
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Lesley Choyce is the author of 67 books for adults, teens and children. He has taught at Dalhousie University for the past 25 years and is the publisher of Pottersfield Press. Lesley surfs year round in the North Atlantic and is considered the father of transcendental wood-splitting.

He's worked as a rehab counsellor, a freight hauler, a corn farmer, a janitor, a journalist, a lead guitarist, a newspaper boy and a well-digger. He lives in a 200 year old farm house at Lawrencetown Beach overlooking the ocean. He also hosts a nationally syndicated TV talk show on BookTelevision. His novel, The Republic of Nothing is
currently being developed as a feature length movie. His animal epic film, The Skunk Whisperer, was broadcast across Canada and heralded at the Maine International Film Festival. Along with the Surf Poets, he has released two poetry/music albums, Long Lost Planet and Sea Level.

Shauna Paull

Shauna Paull
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Shauna Paull is a poet, educator and community advocate. She completed an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia in 1999. Since then, she has led creative writing workshops at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Deer Lake Park, Burnaby and at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. In community, Shauna works together with migrating women for equality, mobility and labour rights. She recently led Poetry for the People workshops at the Rhizome Cafe. roughened in undercurrent, her new book of poems, was published in April 2008 by Leaf Press.

Kate Marshall Flaherty

Kate Marshall Flaherty is an award-winning poet, with poetry prizes from publications such as: Word Magazine, THIS Magazine, Freefall Literary Journal, and Scarborough Arts Council's Surface and Symbol. She was shortlisted for Descant's Winston Collins Best Canadian Poem 2006, and for Nimrod Journal's Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize 2006. Kate is one of the founders of the Childrens' Peace Theatre, teaches yoga/meditation, facilitates teen retreats, guides "writing as a spiritual practise" workshops, and lives in East Toronto with her three spirited children and husband. Her first book of poetry, entitled Tilted Equilibrium, was published by Hidden Brook Press 2006. Her chapbook, Unfathom won the Canadian Poetry Association's Shaunt
Basmajian Award 2007, and follows her first chapbook, Salt. She also has two cd's out, of poetry to soundscape, entitled Deepening Stillness and String of Mysteries. Poetry is her life-line and she has been know to have spontaneously committed random acts of poetry in Banff, Toronto, Ottawa, Parry Sound, Port Perry, Vaughan, Oakville, London, and New York.

Hugh MacDonald

Born 24 July, 1945, Hugh MacDonald retired after 31 years of teaching high school and now writes full time. He has a B.A. from Saint Dunstan’s University in Charlottetown. He lives with his wife Sandra, and two of six children, in the community of Brudenell in eastern PEI on the bank of the beautiful Montague River. He has nine books to his credit: Chung Lee Loves Lobsters (Annick Press, 1992), Looking for Mother (Black Moss Press, 1995), The Digging of Deep Wells (Black Moss Press, 1997), and Tossed Like Weeds from the Garden (Black Moss Press, 1999) and Cold Against the Heart (Black Moss Press) 2003. He also co-edited with Brent MacLaine: Landmarks:An Anthology of New Atlantic Poetry of the Land (The Acorn Press, 2001), and with Alice Reese A Bountiful Harvest: Fifteen Years of the Island Literary Awards (The Acorn Press, 2002). His new novel, Murder at Mussel Cove, will be released in September of 2005 along with a third anthology, Letting Go: An Anthology of Loss and Survival. Chung Lee Loves Lobsters won the LM Montgomery PEI Literature for Children Competition in 1990. He was the recipient of the Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Literary Awards on PEI in 2004.

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Élizabeth Robert

Élizabeth Robert, fondatrice des Noches de poesía et traductrice littéraire, est née à Beloeil en Montérégie. Elle parle couramment le français, l'anglais et l'espagnol. Bachelière en Spécialisation de traduction de l'Université Concordia, elle a publié deux recueils de poésie en traduction de l’anglais au français. Une de ses traductions a été affichée sur des panoquais du métro de Montréal dans le cadre de La poésie prend le métro. D’autres sont parues dans divers collectifs, et dans une anthologie canadienne. Depuis 2008, elle anime Poesia libre tous les 2 mercredis soirs sur les ondes de RadioCentreville 102,3 FM, une émission en espagnol dédiée à la poésie et aux poètes latinofilios et hispanomontréalais. Les archives audios sont disponibles au

Élizabeth organise régulièrement des tables rondes, ainsi que des événements visant le dialogue entre les peuples, les langues et les cultures. Depuis 2007, elle est l'éditrice nationale de YoungPoets.ca, la section jeunesse de la Ligue des poètes canadiens et la traductrice de leurs sites Web. Élizabeth a également représenté Montréal et le Québec dans le cadre de la 4e édition nationale des Randonnées aléatoires de poésie (RAP). Elle siège aux conseils d’administration de Diffusion Adage, de la Société littéraire de Laval (SLL) et de l’Association des traductrices et traducteurs littéraires du Canada (Attlc). En 2008, elle a initié et produit une première Délégation de poètes multiculturels Noches de poesia. 

En effet, les traductrices Elisabet Ràfols-Sagués et Élizabeth Robert accompagnent leurs auteurs à Barcelone pour le lancement du recueil multilingue Troc-paroles / Barata de paraules (coédition Adage/Pagés) en marge de Liber 2008, alors que le Québec est l’invité d’honneur. De plus, elles animeront et performeront en direct depuis la scène de la Sala AlmaZen de Barcelone les 9 et 10 octobre prochains et seront présentes à la cérémonie d’ouverture officielle de la Foire du livre Liber le 7 octobre. Les poètes Danny Plourde, Robert Berrouët-Oriol, Omar Alexis Ramos, Àngel Mota et Catherine Kidd, accompagnés de Josep Maria Sala-Valldaura, poète, auteur et traducteur catalan prolifique, participeront à une tournée de lectures et spectacles pluridisciplinaires, en interaction avec leurs traductrices. Des vidéos inspirées de leurs textes seront créées par Raimundo Morte (vj catalan de renommée internationale) et les Productions Orangerine (relève du Québec, dont des courts métrages ont été présentés à Cannes en 2008 et au festival Fantasia 2008, à Montréal). Les vidéos seront projetées à la Sala AlmaZen. Les représentations du 9 et 10 octobre à Barcelone compteront également une interlude musicale offerte par la célèbre chanteuse de tango Sandra Redher (Argentine / Catalogne).
Pour en savoir plus, visitez www.nochesdepoesia.com.

Élizabeth Robert, founder of Noches de poesía and literary translator, was born in Beloeil, Québec. She fluently speaks French, English and Spanish. She holds a BA in Spécialisation de traduction from Concordia University and has published two poetry translations from English into French. Her texts have appeared on the docks of Montréal’s metro stations as part of La poésie prend le métro, in a Canadian anthology and in various collective publications. Since 2008, she produces and hosts Poesia libre, a Spanish speaking radioshow where she interviews poets and translators about their work every other Wednesday night on RadioCentreville 102,3 FM. Audio archives of past episodes can be listened to in stream or downloaded for free at

Élizabeth frequently organizes round tables and events to create dialogue between communities and people, using languages and culture. Since 2007, she acts as editor of YoungPoets.ca, the youth section of the League of Canadian Poets. She was also one of the 3 Montréal representatives taking part in Random Acts of Poetry (RAP) 4th national edition. Elizabeth is member of the boards of Diffusion Adage, la Société littéraire de Laval (SLL) and the Literary Translators Association of Canada (LTAC).

In 2008, she initiated and produced the first International delegation of multilingual poets Noches de poesia. Translators Elisabet Ràfols- Sagués and Élizabeth Robert will be accompanying their authors to launch Troc-paroles / Barata de paraules (coventure Adage/Pagés) at Liber 2008 while Quebec is the guest culture of honour.  Additionaly, they will be present at the official opening ceremony of the International Book Fair on October 7th. The translators will host and perform live in Barcelona at Sala AlmaZen on October 9th and 10th. Poets Danny Plourde, Robert Berrouët-Oriol, Omar Alexis Ramos, Àngel Mota and Catherine Kidd, accompanied by Catalonia’s very own Josep Maria Sala-Valldaura, will read along side their translators. Video-poems inspired by their texts will be created and showcased by Raimundo Morte (internationally acclaimed visual artist from Catalonia) and Productions Orangerine (up-and-coming Quebec artists, whose short films were presented in Cannes and at Montréal’s Fantasia Festival in 2008). These creations will be projected at Sala AlmaZen. October 9th and 10th performances in Barcelona will also feature a musical interlude by famous tango singer Sandra Redher (Argentina/Catalonia).

For more info, visit www.nochesdepoesia.com

photo credits: Marie-Claude Plasse, Artiste-photographe


Susan McMaster

Ottawa poet Susan McMaster is the author of some 20 books and recordings; an editor of anthologies, books, and magazines; and the creator and performer of music-and-poetry works with First Draft and Geode Music & Poetry (a.k.a. SugarBeat). Her 2007 publication The Gargoyle¹s Left Ear: Writing in Ottawa is a mid-career memoir of her life as a poet from the Black Moss cross-Canada "Settlements" series. Her book and CD Until the Light Bends was shortlisted for the 2005 Ottawa Book Award and the Lampman Poetry Prize. She has performed across Canada, and her work has been broadcast on national shows like WordBeat, Go!, Richardson¹s Roundup, As It Happens, and Morningside. Susan's new poetry collection is Along Crossing Arcs, forthcoming from Black Moss in 2009.


Janet Marie Rogers

A Mohawk writer from the Six Nations territory in southern Ontario, Janet was born in Vancouver British Columbia January 29th 1963. She began her creative career as a visual artist, and started writing in 1996. Since then, she continues to stretch her abilities as a writer working and exploring the genres of poetry, short fiction, science fiction, play writing, spoken word performance poetry, lyric writing and video poetry.

Janet has many anthology credits as a writer and receives many invitations to share her performance poetry all over North America. Her first published collection of poems, Splitting the Heart, was released by Ekstasis Editions in the fall of 2007. A CD of Janet's spoken word poetry is included as an insert with Splitting the Heart. Janet has been collaborating with musicians as a lyricist and reading with dance troupes, creating unique segments of mixed media presentations. Her most recent accomplishments include the creation of a video poem entitled Rightful Place and hosting Vancouver Island's only native radio program on CFUV 101.9fm in Victoria called Native Waves Radio.

Visit her website which includes mp3 files and video files as well as writing samples and Janet's extensive literary C.V. and list of published works. www.janetmarierogers.com

Luciano Iacobelli

Luciano Iacobelli was born in 1956 in Toronto. While earning a degree in Education from York University, he studied English Literature and attended writing courses taught by Frank Davey and Don Coles. In 1986 his first play The Porch was staged in Toronto, followed in 1988 by a one-man show entitled Byrdbrain. Throughout the 1990's he focused on art and painting and was involved in a number of group shows featuring Italian-Canadian artists. In 1990 he founded Lyricalmyrical Press, a grass-roots publishing company specializing in handcrafted chapbooks, and he continues to be its chief editor and designer.

Luciano is one of the organizers of the Toronto Wordstage reading series, and a partner in Quattro Books. The author of six chapbooks, The Angel Notebook is his first full-length book publication.

Wendy Morton

Wendy Morton
Originally uploaded by random acts of poetry
" Wendy Morton's poetry always surprises. It embraces both humour and grief with equal measure. It pays attention to thunder and cinnamon, bread and tutus, and by doing so expresses our human world with grace and joy"
Patrick Lane

Wendy Morton has been WestJet Airlines' poet of the skies, DaimlerChrysler's poet of the road and is sponsored as well by Prairie Naturals Vitamins, Fairmont hotels, Fuji, AbeBooks. She has relentlessly taken poetry out of bookstores and coffee shops, out into the street with Random Acts of Poetry a national poetry project now in it's fifth year--bringing corporate sponsors, poets and audiences together in new ways.

She has four collections of poetry, Private Eye, Undercover, Shadowcatcher from Ekstasis Edition and Gumshoe from Black Moss Press. Her memoir, Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast was published by Emdash Books.

She has been an insurance investigator for 25 years and her work often informs her poetry. She believes that a poem is the shortest distance between two hearts; that poetry can take the armour we wear--that we polish to a bright shine to keep the world at bay and to keep our hearts buried--and shatter it. Poetry, she believes, is a gift that we can create from whatever life has in store for us.

She has lived in the same house west of Sooke, B.C. on the Strait of Juan de Fuca for 35 years. She is a confirmed raven watcher.

Sheri-D Wilson

Sheri-D Wilson

The Mama of Dada – Sheri-D Wilson
Poet, playwright, performer, film-maker, essayist, teacher, producer, and activist

She has six collections poetry: Bulls Whip & Lambs Wool (1989), Swerve (1993), Girl’s Guide to Giving Head (1996), The Sweet Taste of Lightning (1998), Between Lovers (2002), and Re:Zoom (2005,Frontenac House) which won the 2006 Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry.

Sheri-D has two Spoken Word CD’s – both arranged by Russell Broom - sweet taste of lightning (2001), Re:Cord (2007). She is well-known for her VideoPoems produced for BRAVO! TV. Airplane Paula (2001), Spinsters Hanging in Trees (2002 – Won Gold at Houston Film Festival, three ACE awards, and the 2003 AMPIA for best short or vignette), and Surf Rave Girrly Girrl (2004).

Of the beat tradition, in 1989 she studied at Naropa (The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics). Sheri-D Wilson won the first CBC Poetry Face-off for Alberta and her work is featured on CBC’s Word Beat, Sounds like Canada, Canada Reads and ZED TV. In 2003 she won the title Heavyweight of Poetry for the USA in a Bumbershoot Bout against Andrei Codrescu. In 2005, she was invited to present her work in Ottawa as part of the Alberta Scene celebration to commemorate Alberta’s 100 year centennial. In 2006 she presented her work at the Human Rights Symposium in Victoria, was honoured with Global TV’s Woman of Vision award, and was a featured poet in the Heart of a Poet documentary series.

Reading highlights: Bumbershoot 2003, 2000, 1996(Seattle), The World Poetry Bout 2002 (Taos, New Mexico), Poetry Africa 2001 (South Africa), 2001 Shakespeare and Co. (Paris), Vancouver International Writers Festival (‘02, ‘00, ‘95, ‘93, ‘90), 1990 Small Press Festival (New York), 1993 Harbourfront Reading Series (Toronto).

Sheri-D Wilson is an innovator and activist who seeks to give voice to all people; those who have been silenced, under-represented and all cultural groups whose stories must be heard. From 1988-1990 she co-founded and organized the Vancouver Small Press Festival, and the Commercial Street Art Festival for the Normal Art Society. In 2003 she formed the Calgary Spoken Word Society, which produces the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival and other Spoken Word Activities. With direct instructions from the great Lillian Allen, in 2005 Sheri-D initiated the first Banff Summit Meeting of Spoken Word (with 16 artist/producers), which led to the formation of SWAN (Spoken Word Arts Network). She has headed the organizational faculty for the first Spoken Word Pilot Program at the Banff Centre, and the second SWAN meeting. Her essay, “FIRST TIME EYES: Unearthing Spoken Word,” appeared in an issue of Canadian Theatre Review.

Roger Bell

Roger Bell
Originally uploaded by random acts of poetry
Roger Bell grew up in a small town on the Great Lakes and lives now close enough to Georgian Bay that he can see and smell the waters of Severn Sound. He is inordinately proud of his Honda Shadow ACE 750 motorcycle and recently, with two friends, circumnavigated Lake Huron on it. It will be his mobile base for his random acts of poetry. Bell is the author of two chapbooks and three full books of poetry, the latest being The Pissing Women of Lafontaine. His work has been read on the CBC and he has presented at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris.

Kim Goldberg

Kim Goldberg
Originally uploaded by random acts of poetry
Kim Goldberg spends her days roaming the scrubby margins of poetry, hoping to glimpse the elusive Unbounded Thought. Results of her forays have been cropping up in Prism International, The Dalhousie Review, Nimrod International Journal, Rampike, filling Station, On Spec, The Arabesques Review (Algeria), and other literary magazines in North America and abroad. Her latest book, Ride Backwards On Dragon (Leaf Press), maps her journey through the alien landscape of inner alchemy in a series of poems based on a 1,000-year-old martial art from China. In a former life she was a journalist and author of several nonfiction books. Her articles on politics and current events have appeared in Macleans, Canadian Geographic, Nature Canada, This Magazine, The Progressive, BBC Wildlife, and numerous other periodicals for more than twenty years.

She lives in Nanaimo, where she co-hosts a periodic “Urban Poetry Café” on Radio CHLY (101.7 FM).

Joe Blades

Joe Blades
Originally uploaded by random acts of poetry
Joe Blades has been giving readings and publishing his poetry since 1980. He is a writer, artist, and publisher-president of the independent, literary publishing house Broken Jaw Press Inc. founded by him in 1983, plus he is on the editorial board of revue ellipse mag.

Blades was born in Halifax, NS, Canada. A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (BFA, 1988), he is also an alumni of the Banff Centre, Maritime Writers Workshop, Sage Hill Writing Experience, and the Simon Fraser University Book Publishing Immersion Workshop.

Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick since 1990, he grew up in Elmsdale, and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He has also lived and/or worked in Port Hawksbury and Halifax, NS; Toronto; Montreal; Banff, AB; New York; Senta, Serbia; and Pale, Republika Srpska. On the road about three months every year, Blades does readings, lectures, and workshops across Canada, in the eastern USA, Scotland and Eastern Europe.

Blades exhibits bookworks, photographs, and objet d'art primarily in Canada and Europe. Since 1995, he has been a community radio producer-host at CHSR 97.9 FM with the three-time Barry Award-winning Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton's Writing & Art Show. Blades was curator of Videopoems: a screening for the 2003 Tidal Wave Film Festival, and he is the editor of ten books and chapbooks including Some Stuff on Canadian Spoken Word & Indie Publishing (NCRA/ANRÉC, 2004) and UGLY: an instant spoken word chapbook
anthology (Broken Jaw Press, 2007).

His poetry and art has appeared in over 55 trade and chapbook anthologies, and in numerous periodicals. Blades has authored 28 poetry chapbooks and limited edition artist books. His published four full-length poetry books are Cover Makes a Set (SpareTime Editions, 1990), River Suite (Insomniac Press, 1998), Open Road West (Broken Jaw Press, 2000, 2001), and Casemate Poems (Widows & Orphans, 2004). Serbian editions were published as Recna svita in the three authors-three book anthology Slike iz kanade: Tri kanadska pesnika (SKC Niš) and Pesme iz kazamata (i.p. Rad) in 2005.

In June 2007, Blades accepted an invitation to join the BlackTop Motorcycle Gang writers' group in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He was also elected, as the NB and PEI rep. to National Council of the League of Canadian Poets.

Jannie Edwards

Jannie Edwards is a tango student, recovering ironist, and laughter afficionada. She is pleased to again be part of Random Acts of Poetry. She participated in the first Random Acts of Poetry in 2004, where she and fellow poet Wendy McGrath took poetry to (among other places) Edmonton's Waste Management Plant, a high school football team's outdoor practice, and the Canadian Forces Military Base. Possibly she had ideas of flowers stuck in gun barrels, poems in tanks, children in the morning. Her second book is Blood Opera: The Raven Tango Poems.

Carmelo Militano

Carmelo Militano was born in the village of Cosoleto, Province of Reggio di Calabaria, Italy. He emigrated to Canada with his parents at a very young age. He attended the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg for post-secondary and graduate studies. He is also a member of the Assocation of Italian-Canadian Writers. Carmelo both lives with his family and works in Winnipeg.


San Bernardo Literary Prize(Italy), 2002
F.G. Bressani Literary award for Poetry(Canada), 2004
Shortlisted for the Eileen McTavish Skyes Award, (The Fate of Olives), 2007

Selected Works

The Fate of Olives (Olive Press, 2006) ISBN: 0-9737818-2-3
The Minotaur's Keys (Olive Press, 2005) ISBN: 0-9737818-1-5
Ariadne's Thread (Olive Press, 2004) ISBN: 0-9737818-0-7


The Dynamics of Cutural Exchange (Cusmano Press, 2002)

Books in Print

The Fate of Olives (Olive Press, 2006) ISBN: 0-9737818-2-3
The Minotaur's Keys (Olive Press, 2005) ISBN: 0-9737818-1-5, $10.00
Ariadne's Thread (Olive Press, 2004) ISBN: 0-9737818-0-7, $10.00

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Taylor Leedahl

TAYLOR LEEDAHL's poetry has been nationally broadcast on CBC radio and she was a competitor in CBC's 2006 National Poetry Face-Off. Her work has appeared most recently in Fast Forward: New Saskatchewan Poets (Hagios Press). In 2002 and 2003 Taylor received national award recognition through the League of Canadian Poets Poetic License for Canadian Youth contest. She lives in Saskatoon, SK where she serves on the JackPine Press collective and runs Saskatoon's only poetry reading series, Tonight it's Poetry. This September Taylor will release her first collection of poetry, No Apologies for the Weather, with Thistledown Press.