Saturday, September 05, 2009

MacDonald, Hugh, Charlottetown, PEI

Born 24 July, 1945, Hugh MacDonald retired after 31 years of teaching high school and now writes full time. He has a B.A. from Saint Dunstan’s University in Charlottetown. He lives with his wife Sandra, and two of six children, in the community of Brudenell in eastern PEI on the bank of the beautiful Montague River. He has nine books to his credit: Chung Lee Loves Lobsters (Annick Press, 1992), Looking for Mother (Black Moss Press, 1995), The Digging of Deep Wells (Black Moss Press, 1997), and Tossed Like Weeds from the Garden (Black Moss Press, 1999) and Cold Against the Heart (Black Moss Press) 2003. He also co-edited with Brent MacLaine: Landmarks:An Anthology of New Atlantic Poetry of the Land (The Acorn Press, 2001), and with Alice Reese A Bountiful Harvest: Fifteen Years of the Island Literary Awards (The Acorn Press, 2002). His new novel, Murder at Mussel Cove will be released in September of 2005 along with a third anthology, Letting Go: An Anthology of Loss and Survival. Chung Lee Loves Lobsters won the LM Montgomery PEI Literature for Children Competition in 1990. He was the recipient of the Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Literary Awards on PEI in 2004.

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Anonymous said...

Just heard you on CBC Radio, from Charlottetown, reading your 'Bent Nails and Blueberries'.

Thanks for that (premeditated!) random act of poetry. May you commit many more...