Friday, August 31, 2007

Gloe Cormie

Gloe Cormie
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Gloe Cormie was a finalist for several awards in 2003 for her first book of poetry, Sea Salt, Red Oven Mitts and the Blues, and her second poetry book, Under a Different Dark Sky, is ready for an interested publisher. She is at work on poems for her third poetry manuscript. Cormie has published her poems in many Canadian journals including Prairie Fire, CV 2, Grain and Fiddlehead, and in many anthologies including A/Cross Sections (to be launched in Nov. 2007) and Listening with the Ear of the Heart—Writers at St. Peter’s, and internationally. Her poetry has won recognition in several literary competitions.

The oral aspect of her poetry is as important as the written aspect, thus Cormie has given poetry readings in several Canadian, American and Asian cities, including Chicago, New York, Seoul and Tokyo, and broadcast her poems nationally on CBC radio. Cormie feels strongly that the public deserves and needs the experience of hearing and reading good poetry. This is why she is enthusiastic and honoured to be a RAP participant.

Gloe gives a dynamic Poem Making Residency under the Manitoba Artists in the Schools Program, and she facilitates Creative Writing workshops for adults. Cormie’s primary focus is poetry, but she has published non-fiction, literary criticism and short stories, and she has a secondary focus as a visual artist. She is an active member of the League of Canadian Poets, where she served as the Manitoba Representative from 2005-2007. She currently serves the LCP as a committee member. See the Manitoba Writers Guild MAP Index for more detail.

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