Friday, August 31, 2007

Susan Stenson

Susan Stenson
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Susan Stenson's work has appeared in many Canadian literary magazines, most recently, Fiddlehead, Geist, CV2 and sub Terrain and in the anthology Threshold: six women six poets. She won first prize in the ARC Poem of the Year Contest, 2004, and the Rona Murray Prize for Literature, 2004. She also won first prize in the Great Canadian Literary Hunt, This Magazine’s poetry contest 2000, the League of Canadian Poets National Contest in 1999 and the Hawthorne Poetry Award in 1997.

Her work is also featured on buses throughout British Columbia in the Poetry in Transit program and she participated in the first annual Random Acts of Poetry Week, 2004. Sono Nis Press published her first book of poems, Could Love a Man, spring 2001 and her newest book, My Mother Agrees With the Dead, is forthcoming from Wolsak and Wyn. She lives ecstatically in Victoria with her family where she co-publishes The Claremont Review, a literary magazine for writers aged 13 to 19 which was Write Magazine’s choice for magazine of the year, 2001. Susan teaches English and creative writing.

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